Thurlstone Primary School - Class 1

Who’s Who

Class Teachers – Mrs Zoe Clayton (EYFS leader) and Mrs Charlotte Charlesworth

Teaching assistant – Ms Nicola Downey, Miss Rachael Peace and Mrs Penny Spencer

Outdoor Clothing

It is vital that the children have suitable outdoor clothing in school at all times. Children will be outside in the Outdoor Learning Area every day, what ever the weather, so please ensure they have coats and sun hats and that they can fasten these items independently.

Reception – The Rockets

Reception has its own special name – “The ‘Rockets”, because we aim high!

Early Years Curriculum Intent Statement

The following principals are at the heart of practice in the Early Years at Thurlstone Primary School:

  • A unique child
  • Positive relationships
  • Enabling Environments
  • Learning and Development

The EYFS Curriculum consists of the seven areas of Learning and Development. The three prime areas of learning are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

The four specific areas of learning are:

  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Understanding of the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The teaching of these areas of learning combines a mixture of direct, practical and playful approaches with input from adults in whole class sessions, small groups, with individuals and during continuous provision. Teaching may be adult led or in response to child initiated lines of enquiry, within the challenge of the continuous provision environment. Appropriate time is set aside for the direct teaching of reading, writing and mathematics, with a love of books always high on the agenda.

RE is incorporated into the area of Understanding the World through the aspect of People and Communities.

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development, including the promotion of British Values are at the heart of our curriculum alongside the promotion of our Thurlstone values of resilience, appreciation and humanity.

Our whole school mindful approach to PHSE is explored through our ‘Jigsaw’ PSHE sessions and assemblies.

Throughout all of these areas, and specifically during time provided for children to direct their own learning, we strive to support all children in developing the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’, regardless of their starting points/ability.

All of the crucial knowledge, skills and vocabulary that we teach are presented to the children throughout the year through our flexible and responsive curriculum. Considering children’s learning needs, their natural curiosity and interests and providing time and space to investigate and initiate their own learning, plays a key part in our curriculum design, with predictable interests and annual events (seasons, harvest, Diwali, Christmas etc.) used as anchors for ‘themes’/’topics’ initiated by adults. Skilful adults carefully assess children’s development and use their assessments/observations to quickly inform next steps and ensure that individual needs are met to secure rapid progress.

Our learning environment is carefully considered to match the needs and interests of all of our little ‘Superheroes’. We aim to ensure that our environment is both stimulating and challenging, and that it allows children to develop their independence, their resilience and lifelong learning skills, not only ready for Y1, but for their rest of their time at Thurlstone and beyond!

Our Gallery

Below is a selection of photos from our archive. We’ll be adding more soon!

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