Thurlstone Primary School - Class 4

Who’s Who

Class Teacher – Mrs Helen Smeaton

Log on to Education City at then use your user name and password to access your homework or activities.


Homework is given on Fridays and should be handed in on Thursday morning (this gives me a day to mark it all!!!?)

The homework will usually consist of a piece of literacy/theme, numeracy and a spelling activity.

Please feel free to work with your child as this will give you a better understanding of the work your child is expected to do in school.

Many thanks.
Mrs Ward and Mrs Smeaton

Year 3 – The Monstars

In Y3 we are ‘The Monstars,’ a super class who work hard and are complemented by all for our fantastic behaviour.

We have our own golden rules that we obide by, ensuring that we are all able to achieve and suceed, whilst having fun and being included.

Our Gallery

Below is a selection of photos from our archive. We’ll be adding more soon!