Thurlstone Primary School - Putting Learning at the Heart of the Community

Pupil Voice

Our School Council Vision Statement

The following is a statement written by Hope Doherty (past pupil) and approved by School Council reps and the Head Teacher.

We hope to achieve a safe learning environment and provide an understanding help line for problems and worries in the school community.

To contribute to this aim, we give full attention and support towards any pupils who have concerns of any kind.

At our fortnightly meeting, School Council bring up inportant issues such as supporting charities by holding fundraising events.

We constantly set new targets for ourselves and work hard to achieve them.

We ensure also that all children in school have their voice heard by holding regular class council meetings and re-elect School Council members twice a year.

Who are we and how do we work?

The school council is led by Mrs Smeaton.

They’re a group of Y6 children who represent the each class and their pupil voice. They meet regularly to discuss issues which are relevant to our school and the opinions and views of all pupils. When necessary they keep detailed minutes of each meeting and liase with the headteacher and other adults in the school community. All this helps to develop skills which will enable children to be effective citizens.

What have we done so far?

We have done a great deal!

The school council organised a bun sale and non-uniform day! ALL MONEY RAISED WENT TO CANCER RESEARCH WHICH I’M SURE YOU’LL ALL AGREE IS A GREAT CAUSE! We raised over £120!

The school council recently organised a fundraising day for CHILDREN in NEED which was a great success. Children were allowed to come to school in their own clothes for a small fee. Children were also asked to bring ‘small change’ to place on our large Pudsey Bear drawing. Groups of children also organised their own fundraising activities and altogether well over £150 was raised! GREAT STUFF!

The school Council have recently organised a ‘lucky dip’ which raised £70.


The school council is currently reviewing Golden Time activities and planning a learning walk round school.

The School Council reps have recently prepared E Safety presentations for their classes. These really helped to share important information with all the children.

The School Council also planned and carried out fantastic Easter fundraising activities with their classes – these included Egg Hunts and bake sales.