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General Information

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Health and Well Being

We are passionate about education and about ensuring all our children are happy, fit and healthy individuals. We aim to provide all our children with a wide range of opportunities to develop into happy, confident and healthy adults.

The Daily Mile

Every day all pour children walk, jog or run a mile! We started the Daily Mile back in October 2015 with the aim of increasing our children’s overall fitness levels and stamina: and it has worked! The impact has been amazing! Our children are fitter and have more staying power and we even do better when competing in sporting events.

See more in Let’s Get Physical.

Text and Email Services

In order to improve school to home communication we have introduced a texting service which enables us to let you know important information at the click of a button. You are able to text school back, but please only do so if asked to by the school.

We need to keep mobile numbers up to date, so please visit the school office if you’ve got new contact details.

This term we have also introduced an email to parents service. We aim to send important letters and The Shuttle via email so we can do our bit for the environment and save money on paper and printing inks!

Money saved will of course be spent on the most important people of all – the children!

Rewards and Golden Time

We do lots and lots to reward the good work and behaviour of our pupils. We believe children should be rewarded for their individual efforts as well as team work.

Thurlstone Team Challenge provides the children with opportunities to collect silver team points for their team – the team with the most points each half term earn the chance to their very own non-uniform day.

‘Chances’ provide children with the opportunity to win treats from the headteacher’s Treasure Box for good work and behaviour.

All children are entitled to 30 minutes Golden Time each week. During Golden Time, children participate in special activites which they sign up for on a half termly basis.

After School Clubs

We have plenty of out of school clubs on offer at the moment!

We have:

Running club
Homework Club
Mini Olympians
Art club

We’re always open to suggestions for future clubs as well!


Uniform consists of black trousers/skirt, a white or royal blue polo shirt and a blue sweatshirt or hoodie or an orange hoodie.

Girls may wear black, grey or dark blue tights and black leggings.

Socks should be black, grey or white.

Year 6 pupils are able to wear an extra special uniform item! The Blue Fleece – a real Y6 treat!

Shoes should be sensible and black and pumps should be provided for P.E. Trainers are also allowed (white, black or royal blue)

P.E kit comprises of black shorts and a white t-shirt.

Only plain stud earings are allowed and MUST be removed for P.E lessons.

School uniform order forms are available from the office.

You can view school uniform “do’s and don’t’s” in this letter to parents.


The P.T.A is a hardworking group of parents and friends of Thurlstone Primary School. They work together to support the school in its fundraising endeavours and Enterprise Projects.

The P.T.A are also great at organising community based social events.

If you would like to get involved, contact Mrs Gibbins for more details.

There are regular meetings, all of which are advertised in the school’s newsletter, The Shuttle, a PDF version of which can be downloaded from the main Shuttle page.